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Richard Mille Replica WatchesRichard Mille Replica Watches M100 Caseback

As you may know, M100 is owned by two Revolution editors in the UK and one Hong Kong.

It is flattering, and even more since they seem to like the watches. Revolution's editors are highly respected by me so I am thrilled that they have become Richard Mille Replica Watches owners. They did not come to me because they had read each other's articles or discussed it. Both of them came separately, and it makes me feel that I am doing things right.

You have also allowed Revolution to send their five referrals, which allows us to offer 10 readers the chance of buying an M100.

Sincerely, I believe that the owners should decide who to refer and that they shouldn't be influenced at all by me. Anyone who comes along to the events will want to be with people passionate about iwc portuguese replica watches and watchmaking in general. I can imagine Revolution readers are even more passionate than Revolution readers. It's not something I have an issue with and I am actually thrilled that Revolution's founder Wei Koh wants to do it.

Richard Mille Replica Watches has sold more than 50% of its M100s, so the obvious question is what the future holds for Richard Mille Replica Watches.

The M100 is still the main story, so I won't talk about the future too much. But rest assured that this is only the beginning of our story. Although people are asking for special editions, it is still too early to consider that. There can never be 600 copies of the M100. I won't do another run with two yellow/red/purple dots and call it a Rolex Cosmograph Daytona Replica different watch. For example, the Revolution collaboration will allow us to provide a gorgeous and custom-sourced extra strap but the watch will still be exactly the same brand.